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Emphasis on Talent and Quality Enhancement

Sinphar attaches a high level of importance to training human resources. Devoting hundreds of millions of dollars and two years of its time, the Company built a five-star Recruit Training Center where training rooms, living quarters, meeting rooms, gym rooms, recreational areas, and sky garden are available for trainees to receive training while embracing a serene, comfortable learning environment. Thus, teaching and learning quality can be improved simultaneously.
Sinphar's Recruit Training Center is located in Jhongshan Agricultural Leisure Area in Dongshan Township. It is a vocational training center approved by the Ministry of Labor. The center has passed the Taiwan Training Quality System (TTQS) evaluation and twice received Copper Medal for TTQS evaluated Enterprise Institution.The training center focuses on attaining Sinphar's goals, integrating HR development with business resources, and implementing professional training to build a pool of talents for the company. In addition, it also offers training programs or course credit certification services and provides meeting venues, exhibition areas, and recreational areas for public use.