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Awards & Certifications





  • The Company passed the PIC/S GMP inspection by the Department of Health for its cytotoxic agents (coated tablet) and injections (sterile), providing Taiwan's first production sites that respectively adopt a closed system to manufacture cytotoxic solid agents and an isolator to manufacturer cytotoxic injection agents.


  • The Company's Isoacteoside acquired patent from Taiwan.
  • The Company's cytotoxic capsule product passed PIC/S GMP inspection by the Department of Health.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was honored with the Silver Award under Pharmaceutical Group in the 2015 Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award.
  • 子SynCore Biotechnology's SB05 drug acquired patent in Australia and Japan.
  • Sinphar Tianli was recognized as provincial grade high-tech enterprise.
  • He-Tian Tianli was recognized as Xinjiang's new high-tech enterprise and acquired GAP certification from Chinese CFDA, becoming the only GAP-certified base in China for producing Cistanche tubulosa.
  • ZuniMed Biotech passed ISO15378 certification and became the first biotech company in Taiwan to acquire GMP certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.


  • Sinphar QH soft gel capsule/ Sinphar Daily Care QH soft gel capsule products received the Health Care Food Innovation Award by the Health Food Society of Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology acquired TIPS 2014 Verification Certificate from the Information Technology Research Institute (ITRI).
  • SynCore Biotechnology received the New Potential Award in the 2014 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization.


  • SynCore Biotechnology passed the TIPS inspection by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was awarded the 10th National Innovation Award for Enterprise Group/R&D Technology Category.


  • SynCore Biotechnology won the Gold Award in the 2012 Taiwan Biomedical Competition.


  • Passed Taiwan's Department of Health PIC/S GMP inspection and GMP evaluation for plant construction.


  • Product Memoregain received the 2010 Health Care Food Innovation Award.


  • Received the BSI OHSAS18001 certification.
  • After acquiring certification for its function to regulate the immune system, Profulin again acquired the Department of Health's health care food certificate for allergy relief function, making this health care food product a double-certified product that features immune system regulation and allergy relief function.
  • Passed the ISO-22000 food safety certification, adequately demonstrating the Company's stringent control over food safety and quality, which can enhance the Company's international competitiveness.


  • Received the award for the Best Asian Listed Company in the Global Market at an Asia's largest biomedical conference. title title


  • Sinphar Taminace Nutritional Capsule, a six-year R&D outcome exclusive to the Company, can effectively regulate the functions of the immune system and has acquired multinational patents and passed the Department of Health's healthy food certification (DOH-Jian-Shih-Zi-No. A00102).


  • CM1194 testing laboratory has passed TAF ISO17025 international standard certification.
  • CB1193 biolab has passed TAF ISO17025 international standard certification.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) acquired GMP pharmaceuticals certification.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) achieved ISO14001 environment certification.


  • Passed the first phase cGMP validation and received a gold-engraved award from the Department of Health.


  • Passed the ISO9001 quality certification by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.
  • Received the Fourth Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


  • CanCap Pharmaceutical acquired Canadian GMP pharmaceutical certification.


  • Won two awards of the National Biotechnology & Medical Care Quality Award from the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, specifically (1) Western Medicine Plant group under the Overall Pharmaceutical Plant category, and (2) Self-Developed Western Medicine Product—Phxyol.


  • Passed the ISO9002 quality certification by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.


  • The first domestic pharmaceutical manufacturing industry to win the Fifth SME Award.