Life, Health, and Technology



  • Sinphar Memoregain Capsules was awarded the gold medal in the 2022 Moscow International Salon of Inventions and Innovative Technologies ARCHIMEDES and the U.S. special award. Additionally, it was also the silver medal winner in Monde Selection of International Institute for Quality Selection.
  • Sinphar Memoregain Capsules was awarded Symbol of National Quality in health food section.
  • The Company co-hosted the Yilan Marathon with Yilan County.
  • Sinphar Memoregain Capsules was awarded bronze medal in National Healthcare Quality Award. It is the only health food that won this award in 2022.


  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical combined Cistanche Tubulosa extracts and Lipucan into the brain-beneficial product and obtained the patent licensing of ”a complex with improving memory ” from China, allowing the patent portfolio planning of Sinphar plant extracts to expand into new areas and increase intangible assets. (Patent No.: ZL 2018 1 0691573.1)
  • SynCore Biotechnology newly developed pancreatic cancer drug SB05PC(EndoTAG®-1) is designed to prolong patients’ overall survival time and progression-free survival time, while the unblinding of SB05PC Phase III trial data showed no statistical significance when compared with the control group on October 21st. SynCore group would base the further development of SB05PC on the results to be more exact in deciding the development direction of a new drug.
  • SynCoreBio CysLute EX Capsules product won gold awards at ASIE 2021 (America’s Science & Invention Expo) and IWIS 2021 (XV International Warsaw Invention Show), the only Lutein supplement in Taiwan that has won two gold medals.
  • The research results of Sinphar exclusive patented Poria cocos extract (Lipucan®) have been published in “Life (Basel). 2021 Feb 1;11(2):111” and ”Life (Basel). 2021 Apr 21;11(5):372”. Our studies have shown that P. cocos extract remodels the intrinsic Th1/Th2 response to alleviate allergy-induced asthma and enhance immunity.


  • Sinphar Potent Plus Soft Capsules has obtained the anti-fatigue healthy food certificate, and Its unique anti-fatigue formula was awarded the US invention patent certification (Patent No.: US10485836B2).
  • Niangjia Lipucan® Capsules developed and produced by Sinphar was awarded the "Nutraceutical Innovation Award" from the Health Food Society of Taiwan.
  • Sinphar introduced Magnesium oxide from Japan to fight the constipation medicine market with an annual consumption of more than 460 million tablets.
  • Sinphar took the initiative to recall and comprehensively checked the products, taken with full responsibility after the results of some products did not meet the specifications for stability tests. 
  • Sinphar set up a cultural relic’s room for Chiang Ku and won the champion of the Hengchun Chiang Ku Festival.
  • The global phase III clinical trial of SynCore Biotechnology SB05 pancreatic cancer announced the results of the interim analysis: The independent data monitoring committee (DMC) did not mention safety issues and suggested that the clinical trial can continue without modifying the plan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was awarded 2020 Taipei Biotechnology Award-Innovative Technology Award-Excellence Award for "using cationic liposome technology to develop innovative prescriptions and successfully conduct global phase III clinical trials".
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical and Asahi Godo Inc. signed an exclusive distribution contract for the patented Protygold® Walnut Oligopeptide.


  • Sinphar was awarded 2019 Excellent Food Manufacturer Model by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical’s newly developed Protygold® Walnut Oligopeptide was the first patented refreshing factor and won the Plant Extract Product Innovation Award of 2019 CPHI China.
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 pancreatic cancer indication received approval to conduct phase III clinical trial in China.
  • Sinphar's targeted anti-lung cancer therapeutic drug Gefitinib has obtained the PMDA approval and is among the first wave of generic drugs in Japan.
  • Obtained voluntary GMP certification for good manufacturing of cosmetics.
  • Sinphar soft Capsules and Powder production line has passed the HALAL certification of MUI.


  • SynCore Biotechnology held the "International Pancreatic Cancer Forum", inviting experts from Taiwan, the US, and KOR to discuss global pancreatic cancer treatment and trends in Taiwan.
  • Sinphar Potent Plus Soft Capsules has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a nutritional supplements certification for "anti-fatigue function".
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) has been awarded the 15th National Innovation Award in the Startup Company Category by the IBMI.
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) development plan won the “Taiwan BIO Awards- Innovation of the Year”.
  • SynCore Biotechnology has received the Approval to Conduct SB05 PC for Phase III Clinical Trial in Taiwan, the US, France, Hungary, South Korea, Russia, Israel.
  • SynCore Bio Signs Agreement with British Company Epipole to Distribute Eye Disease Diagnosis Fundus Cameras in Taiwan.


  • Sinphar signed a contract with Tai Tzu-Ying, the top-ranked women’s singles badminton player in the world, as the health ambassador.
  • Sinphar signed a contract with Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (JP) for the examination and registration of gastrointestinal medication in Taiwan, and it’ll be sold exclusively at Sinphar pharmacy.
  • Sinphar donated nutritional supplements for the National Ilan University gymnastics team, sponsored athletes and local sports development.
  • SynCore Biotechnology received the US and Taiwan clearance of SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) to conduct the phase 3 pancreatic cancer clinical trial.
  • SynCore Biotechnology published the results of phase 1 clinical trial of the novel small molecule anti-cancer drug at ASCO.
  • Sinphar donated nutritional supplements to the National Games Yilan team, and donated NT$5 million to the Yilan County Sports Development Education Fund as a reward for the best performers in the National Games.
  • Sinphar Memoregain Capsules, the Health Supplements of Cistanche tubulosa, have obtained the "Anti-Aging" certification approved by the MOHW.
  • Sinphar won the High Distinction Award of the 106th Yilan County Public Health Bureau's Excellent Breastfeeding Room Selection Activity.
  • Sinphar signed a technology transfer cooperation with a major ophthalmic pharmaceutical (JP) to jointly expand the Asian market.
  • SynCore Biotechnology to Participate at the BIO-Europe 2017 – 23rd Annual International Partnering Conference.
  • SynCore Biotechnology’s Board of Directors provides new drug development and medical subsidies through donations to the National Health Research Institutes and the Formosa Cancer Foundation to expand pancreatic cancer first-line medication options.
  • Sinphar participated in the 3rd Cross-Strait Pole-climbing festival, and won the first place.


  • SynCore Biotechnology's new drug SB05 (EndoTAG-1) was approved for phase III clinical trial by Australian and Taiwanese authorities.
  • The Company passed the PIC/SGMP inspection by the Department of Health for its cytotoxic agents (coated tablet) and injections (sterile), providing Taiwan's first production sites that respectively adopt a closed system to manufacture cytotoxic solid agents and an isolator to manufacture cytotoxic injection agents.
  • The plant extraction laboratory of Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) was completed.
  • SynCoreBio Signs Contract with Swiss Company Y-YBar To Jointly Develop Precision Instruments for the Diagnosis of Eye Diseases
  • Sinphar signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Food Safety Inspection and Testing Center of Yilan County Government.


  • SynCore Biotechnology cooperated with National Taiwan University Hospital in establishing the Age-Related Macular Degeneration Research Center. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology's new anti-cancer NCE, SB01, was approved for phase II clinical trial for head and neck cancer by Taiwan and U.S. FDA.
  • SynCore Biotechnology signed a co-development contract for SB04 eye drop with AJU PHARM Korea. title
  • The Company's Isoacteoside acquired patent from Taiwan.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) began construction of raw material plant.
  • The Company's cytotoxic capsule product passed PIC/SGMP inspection by the Department of Health.
  • ZuniMed Biotech passed ISO15378 certification and became the first biotech company in Taiwan to acquire GMP certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was honored with the Silver Award under Pharmaceutical Group in the 2015 Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award.


  • SynCore Biotechnology's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in Taiwan.
  • Sinphar QH soft gel capsule received the Health Care Food Innovation Award by the Health Food Society of Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology acquired a commentary from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, substantiating that the Company is involved in marketable technological business and has successfully developed products or technologies.
  • SynCore Biotechnology (stock code: 4192) was publicly listed on GTSM. title
  • The Company launched its second plant in Yilan headquarter for undertaking automated, isolated production of cancer drugs.
  • SynCore Biotechnology received the New Potential Award in the 2014 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization.


  • Subsidary Sinphar Tian-Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (HANGZHOU) signed a New Drug Collaboration Agreement with Kanion Pharmaceutial. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology acquired the license to sell Veregen in Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology and MediGene, a German listed company, signed an investment agreement and acquired manufacturing and marketing rights for global phase III clinical trial on SB05. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology passed the TIPS inspection by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


  • Acquired a pharmaceutical grade plastic container manufacturing plant and changed its name to "ZuniMed Biotech."
  • SynCore Biotechnology's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in the United States by U.S. FDA.
  • Commenced the construction of Sinphar's second plant for manufacturing cancer drugs (isolated, automated production).
  • Entered an agreement with Japan DAITO for co-development and manufacturing of anti-cancer drugs.
  • SynCore Biotechnology and MediGene signed an agreement to cooperate in co-development of the new cancer drug (SB05) and conduct phase III clinical trial of SB05.
  • In accordance with the Act for the Development of Biotech and New Pharmaceutical Industry, the MOHW approved SynCore Biotechnology as a new drug biotech company, and subsequently, the company changed its name  in Chinese.
  • SynCore Biotechnology won the Gold Award in the 2012 Taiwan Biomedical Competition. title


  • Received the BSI OHSAS18001 certification.
  • The Company invested in the comprehensive validation and official pilot operation of R&D-related equipment for PIC/S cancer and eye drop manufacturing plants.
  • The Company passed the ISO-22000 food safety certification.
  • Eye drop manufacturing plant passed Japanese government inspections.


  • Passed Taiwan's Department of Health PIC/SGMP inspection and GMP evaluation for plant construction.
  • SynCore Biotechnology entered into an agreement with MediGene in acquiring exclusive right to manufacture and sell Veregen, the only botanical medicine approved by U.S. FDA, in Taiwan.
  • The Company once again cooperated with DAITO in developing and producing anti-cancer drugs.
  • SynCore Biotechnology and U.S. MacuCLEAR signed an agreement pertaining to authorization of a new AMD drug, which has completed phase I clinical drug as approved by U.S. FDA, in Asia and Australia.


  • The Company officially launched the operation of its recruit training center and staging center.
  • Signed a Technology Transfer Contract for Exclusive R&D Outcome of Novel Small Anti-Cancer Drug with the National Health Research Institute, and collectively established the SynCore Biotechnology to develop anti-cancer drugs.
  • The Company was honored the Best Asian Listed Company in the Global Market.


  • The Company cooperated with DAITO in developing and producing anti-breast cancer tablets. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology's SB01 item was approved by the U.S. FDA and Taiwan Department of Health for phase I clinical trial.


  • Passed the ISO14001 environmental management system by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.
  • Self-developed drug STA-2 passed U.S. FDA IND inspection and approved for entry into phase II clinical trial.
  • Establish headquarters in Yilan to facilitate efficient decision-making and operation.
  • Memoregain developed by Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) acquired the Chinese Category II Drug license and certificate and was approved for launching into the market.


  • Established the Sinphar Counter, using the marketing appeal, A Health Neighbor and a Home Nursing Station, and actively expanding its business. title
  • The Company developed a taminace-based health care food—Sinphar Taminace Nutritional Capsule—which passed food inspection by Taiwan Department of Health (DOH-Jian-Shih-Zi-No. A00102).
  • Acquired its Taipei-based office in Xinyi District on Dongxing Road



  • Passed the ISO9001 quality certification by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection and signed a Contract Manufacturing Agreement with a Japanese pharmaceutical company.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) launched the operation of its new 22,000 m2 plant.
  • Passed TGA pre-inspection and Chinese medicine software and hardware inspection.
  • Established the ZuniMed Biotech that focuses on the development of nano-technologies.
  • Received the Fourth Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


  • Received approval to invest in Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou)
  • Stocks officially transferred from OTC trading (stock code: 4112) to being listed on Taiwan stock exchange (stock code: 1734).
  • Sinphar R&D center was completed and became the main entity involved in new drug development and cooperative R&D of technologies.
  • Cooperated with Peking University in the development of new botanical drugs and established the He-Tian Tianli Pharmaceutical Development, setting up a GAP base for planting Chinese herbal medicines.


  • Invested in the construction of a R&D technology building.
  • The Company's new anti-cancer drug, Phyxolinjection, was approved by the Department of Health for launching into the market and acquired sales, supply, and manufacturing rights in Taiwan, China, and other Far East regions.
  • Passed the first phase cGMP validation and received a gold-engraved award from the Department of Health.


  • Engaged in plant expansion and acquired G.M.P. hardware certification from Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau.
  • Stocks were listed for OTC trading (stock code: 4719).
  • CanCap Pharmaceutical acquired Canadian GMP pharmaceutical certification.


  • CanCap Pharmaceutical invested in product marketing in North American regions.
  • Constructed specialized plant for manufacturing soft sugar tablets and soft gel capsules.


  • Established CanCap Pharmaceutical in Canada to facilitate overseas expansion.


  • Won the Fifth SME Award.


  • Cooperated with Johnson & Johnson Medical Co. in producing liquid agents, and its technology was affirmed by the foreign pharmaceutical.


  • Passed GMP inspection and gained 65 pharmaceutical licenses.


  • The Company was established with a capital of NT$10 million. title