Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Life, Health, and Technology

Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for Society

Giving Back to the Community

Long-term sponsor of nutritional supplements to the soccer teams in Yilan’s junior high and high schools, and a long-term sponsor of traditional festivals.
For years, the Company adopts street lights in in Dong Shan Township and Renshan Trail, and provides land for use by Jhongshan Travel Service Center at no cost.

Industry Collaboration

Sinphar sponsored the School of Pharmacy of Kaohsiung Medical School in promoting the Industrial Exchange Seminar Program, which integrates industrial and academic resources, encourages industry–academia cooperation and technological R&D, and examines Taiwan's medical biotechnology related laws and policies to promote an industry–academia exchange platform.
The Company signed an MOU on food safety inspection with Yilan Food Safety Inspection Center.


Sponsorship and Encouragement

The Company sponsors the Yilan Sports Development Foundation, Chinese Taipei Gymnastic Association, Yilan University gymnastics team to help rising athletes advance their career, and promote exercising to encourage young people to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The Company donated to help with the reopening of The Wonderfultree, a creation by renown literary figure Chun-Ming Huang, in Yilan to encourage cultural heritage.

Promotion and Caring

Sinphar is dedicated to caring for the society and promoting health education on disease preventions by providing long-term sponsorship to various organizations, including Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation, Taiwan Cancer Foundation, Taiwan Alzheimer's Disease Association, Spinal Cord Injury Foundation, the Diabetes Association of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and Taiwan Yilan Association Of Diabetes Supporters, and Youngsun Education Foundation.

Knowledge Exchange and Sharing

The Company regularly hosts biomedical forums, which act as a platform for medical professionals, academics, and biotech experts to exchange and integrate ideas on current public health concerns, discover innovative biomedical thinking, and provide a channel where the public and the medical community can have an exchange of dialogue. The forums focus on the care management of encephalopathy, breast cancer prevention, cardiovascular disease treatment, pancreatic cancer, and dementia prevention attracting nearly 1,800 participants.
Since holding Sinphar Biotech Camp, over 300 youths have participated, and now, more than 150 of them are working in the biotechnology industry. Clearly, Sinphar Biotech Camp helps to cultivate interests in this industry and to ascertain a career path.
Every year, Sinphar Counter across Taiwan holds 70 “Health Workshop”. Over 2,500 people have participated in the events.

Establishment of Dementia Friendly Store

All 1300 Sinphar Counters across Taiwan participates in the Dementia Friendly Store network developed by Taiwan Alzheimer’s Disease Association. When in contact with a lost elderly person, a Sinphar Counter member will proactively contact his/her family member or take him/her to the police station.

Emergency Relief and Support

The Company, with the medical volunteers of universities and other charitable organizations, donates medicines and holds free clinics locally and aboard. The Company has sponsored 8 charitable organizations and thousands in count of drug donation.

In response to the Formosa Fun Coast explosion, Sinphar spent several nights in a row to make emergency adjustments and manufacture Siliverzine Cream for several large hospitals including Mackay, Cathay, and Cheng Hsin Hospital in hopes of providing patients with the most effective treatment in the shortest time possible. In early 2016, the major earthquake in Southern Taiwan resulted in severe disastrous damage. Based on our empathetic nature, Sinphar provides care and support, such as donations and rescue operations, at the first instance without any hesitation.
The Company sponsored the dentist group of Chinese Christian Medical Mission for providing free health care service in Mumbai, India.