Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

Based on the concepts of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development, Sinphar upholds the principle of corporate governance, strengthens the functions of the Board of Directors, sets up Remuneration Committee, and public major resolutions in the Market Observation Post System. We hope to publish transparent information and protect the rights and interests of our investors. In addition, Sinphar implements internal auditing system to assist the Board of Directors and executives with monitoring and ensuring operational management efficiencies to prevent management frauds and realize the goals of corporate social responsibility.
While seeking operation benefits, Sinphar pays increased attention on the sustainable development of the environment. To prevent impact on the ecological environment, we adopted high standard requirements in plant planning and production processes to reduce resource and energy consumption, lower pollutant and waste emission, and enhance resource recycling and reutilization efficiency. All in all, we take concrete actions in protecting the ecological environment.

Caring for Society

Public's Health is Sinphar's Ideal

Since it's inception, Sinphar has always upheld its belief "public's health is Sinphar's ideal" in researching and developing treatment medicines, health food, and medical beauty products to protect the health and quality of life of consumers. For our customers, we adhere to the four elements of "safety, stability, validity, and convenience" in ensuring product quality and provide honest services to gain customer trust and work together with customers in creating a mutually beneficial outcome. Embracing its corporate social responsibility in social contribution, Sinphar exerts its utmost effort in charity events by not only providing long-term sponsorship to medical, cultural, and sports related foundations, but also holding biomedical forums and biotech camps every year to discuss and resolve medical concerns and cultivate biotech seedlings and talents.

Future of Sustainability

Proper use of human resources to build a pool of professional talents

Talent is the most precious resource for a company. To ensure that human resources are properly used, Sinphar formulates reasonable salary systems and complete welfare mechanisms to cater to the living needs of employees and protect their rights and interests. To evoke employee potential and create performance, we devised a fair job promotion guideline and rewarding systems so that employees receive the encouragement and feedback they deserve and help them define their career goals and visions.
Meanwhile, the Company also motivates employees to engage in lifelong learning and builds a complete training mechanism, with the expectation of converting knowledge into the company's strength, thereby building a team of outstanding experts and specialists. In the past 40 years, Sinphar has established its profound status in Taiwan and extended its global presence by developing pharmaceuticals and health care products to contribute to the health and welfare of humans. Furthermore, the Company continues to implement corporate social responsibilities in hopes of creating a sustainable future with the concerted efforts of its employees.